Decode String – Decode or Encode Base64, URL and HTML

Base64 Encoder

Simply convert plain text into Base64 string by this tool.

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Base64 Decoder

Get back your plain text by using this.

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URL Encoder

From URL String to URL safe format – With article.

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URL Decoder

Get back your URL string by using this tool.

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Base64 Image

Convert PNG, JPG, GIF file into Base64 format.

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Compress JS, CSS and HTML by using this.

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HTML encoder

Convert sensitive character like tags into their HTML entities.

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HTML Decoder

Simply get back characters from their HTML entities, by using this.

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Binary to Decimal

Learn how to convert binary into decimal manually – With conversion tool.

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Decimal to Binary

Decimal to Binary converter – with how to convert it manually tutorial.

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Binary to Text

Convert Binary to Text by using this tool – UTF-8 based.

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Text to Binary

Convert Text to Binary by using this tool – UTF-8 based.

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About DecodeString

Antonym of encode string, here in this website you'll find decoders like Sha1, Md5, Binary and much more. Site was designed and maintained by one developer. I always try to make JavaScript based tool but some tool use lots of JavaScript so i usually use backend for them. Most tool are JS based it means everything is going on in browser.

Tools like CSS or code validator, converter and compressor are a very useful for web development. These tools reduce your designing and developing time consumption and make you much more efficient.

In DecodeString and Encodestring you can find many free web tools, including CSS, JS, HTML minify and Unminify tool, HTML escape and Unescape, JSON Validator, MD5 code convertor tool, Base64 decoder and encoder, URL encoder and decoder, HTML Color Conversion tool, youtube video downloader and much more.